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Covid-19 Best Practices Certification

Working with property owners and operating managers, we have worked diligently over the COVID-19 pandemic to be sure that we are doing everything possible to ensure the safety of our guests and staff. This has included reviewing the available industry and local recommendations and guidelines and applying them as best as possible based on the individual property and staff configurations.

Wanting to go the extra mile, we looked for an independent party to review our program and confirm the value of our action steps. We quickly learned that, although there is a great deal of guidance, there a very few truly independent third-party certification programs for the hospitality industry.

Our management team immediately realized that a true independent third-party program was needed to certify that a property was following best industry practices. Following the format of an annual financial audit, we developed a straightforward, documentable format to allow the verification that best industry practices are in use as they apply to the individual property.

As already mentioned, the process for COVID-19 Best Industry Practices Certifications is very similar to a financial audit in many respects.

Covid-19 Practices

The main elements include:

  • An initial request for of all written policies, processes and documents directly related to the management of Covid-19 at the property.
  • A remote evaluation of the policies and processes practices in place at the property as they compare to best industry practices currently available.
  • An On-Site Audit in order to gain first-hand knowledge of the actual implementation and application of the policies and processes.
  • Meeting with property management to review both the remote and on-site audit results. PHM will provide a list of recommendations for possible inclusion the property’s Covid-19 plan.
  • Develop and request a Representation Letter from management.
  • Upon completion of any required actions and receipt of the Representation Letter, PHM will issue a full and detailed Report of Independent Audit and Certification that the property is, in fact, applying best industry practices for the Covid-19 virus.
  • In addition to the Report of Independent Audit and Certification, PHM will provide an electronic certification badge and a corresponding wall plaque for use by the property.

In addition, we would meet with operational management on a regular basis to maintain a current and accurate understanding of sales, marketing, guest satisfaction, staff morale and property maintenance. This phase requires regular visits to the property, monitoring the property’s operating expenses, evaluating staff training, reporting possible labor issues and providing ownership with timely reports and advice with regards to the operation of the property. Pricing is available upon request and is based on the property location, size and complexity.