Project Description

Country Club of the Rockies

Colorado, USA

Was engaged by the Board of the club to define the current market value of the existing restaurant facilities and equipment made available by the Country Club of the Rockies to a potential tenant. This would include direct benefits such as square footage, equipment and parking. It would also include the additional benefits provided by avoided costs in the lease, such as capital replacement, insurance and utilities.

Based on the information obtained in the points above, we would produce a Request for Proposals (RFP) and solicit responses from qualified area  operators.

This RFP would be developed in order to define two major areas of service to be provided by the successful applicant. First, member services such as casual dining, tournaments, luncheon service and member events (BBQ< etc). Second, a provision for a fine dining Restaurant open to the public.

The assignment was successfully completed to the satisfaction of the Board representative responsible for the process.

Project Details


September, 2003 to January, 2004


Lease of Club Restaurant


Private Club


Facility Evaluation
RFP Development
Applicant Screenings
Formal Report & Recommendation