Project Description

Sunset Lodge

Port au Prince, Haiti

Travelled to Haiti immediately following the devastating 2011 earthquake at the request of several hotel owners to help restart the industry. The Sunset Lodge project included repurposing an elegant mansion as the main hotel building housing reception, offices, dining, kitchens and bars. Additional rooms were laid-out on the expansive grounds and an innovative raised tennis court with hotel services and meeting rooms.

Working with the owner we walked every step of the way through the development process and worked with the Architect, Contractor and Interior Decorator in the design and layout of the facilities, assisted in the development of the financial model and supported ownership with lender activities.

After conducting a competitive market survey and a Brand Evaluation, determined that a major brand was not required, evaluated the local labor market and laws in order to develop the preliminary staffing guide, and developed the operating budgets. We were awarded the management operating contract, however, due to the continued political unrest in the country, the project was postponed.

Project Details


November, 2011 to March, 2015


Luxury Boutique Hotel




Development & Construction
Brand Evaluation
Property Improvement Plan (PIP)
Pre-Opening Services